Thursday, 18 July 2013

BHS July Member Newsletter

July 2013

Dear Members of the Boundary Historical Society, welcome to our July BHS member newsletter! 

First of all, I want to remind you all that our AGM will be coming up in late September or early October (date will be decided at our Board meeting in early August.) We’re hoping to hold it in Midway this year, but are still working on a suitable venue. It is absolutely imperative that we have a good attendance at the AGM and that we are able to fill the upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors. Specifically, we MUST have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. We cannot continue without these positions being filled and the members currently in these roles are unable to take on another term.

Any organization is only as strong as its membership, and low turnout at an AGM can be an indication that a society’s days are numbered. So please, we’ll let you know the date as soon as it’s decided and we’re asking you to plan on attending and encourage your friends, neighbours or other interested parties to do the same. We’re working on finding a guest speaker and we might even have door prizes!

Our picnic last month was enjoyed by all who attended. Approximately 30 members were in attendance, and Rick, of Owl Mountain Ranch, has an incredible number of artifacts there for viewing and sharing information on. We’re hoping next year’s picnic can serve to help increase the involvement of younger members of our communities so are considering including things such as a children’s period costume contest. If you have ideas to help our picnic appeal to younger families or visitors to our area, please let a member of the board know.

Our publications committee is continuing to work hard on both our next report and our upcoming post card book. In the meantime, we’re working at making sure our books are available to those who need them. We’ll be selling books (and memberships – it’s not too early to renew!) at the Christina Lake Homecoming, the Grand Forks Fall Fair and the Rock Creek Fall Fair. We’ve made arrangements to donate full sets of our reports to the history classes of both secondary schools and are also ensuring that all 3 public libraries in our area have complete reference and circulating copies of all reports.

Still on the subject of our reports – we’ve set a special price for people buying a complete set of reports and, even more importantly to you – our members – we’ve set a new policy that any BHS members purchasing reports directly from us can purchase at the wholesale price!
Remember -  we need new faces for our board as of our AGM in the autumn. If you’re interested in a specific position, feel free to contact the person currently in that position (or any other board member) for information about what’s involved.

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for early August, so the next newsletter should be posted on our blog, and an email notification sent shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, history unshared is history lost so spread the word and help your society carry on!

Deb Billwiller, Secretary
Boundary Historical Society
PO Box 2346
Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0