Saturday, 9 March 2013

Newsletter - March 2013

Welcome to the 1st BHS member newsletter!

First of all, for those who weren’t able to attend our luncheon and Special General Meeting at the end of January – we were able to elect a complete Board of Directors.  We took names of people interested in serving on the board as area reps/directors and they were confirmed at our first board meeting. The Board of Directors for the balance of the current year is:
President:    Les Johnson – 250-442-0706
Vice-president: Delphine Novak – 250-444-2500
Secretary:   Deb Billwiller – 250-442-1242
Treasurer:   John Billwiller – 250-442-2943
Directors:   Peter Kootchin – 250-442-8517
                   Peter Koftinoff – 250-442-8580
                   Colleen Salikin – 250-442-5217
                   Sue Adrain – 250-447-6477
                   Al Donnelly – 250-445-6399
                   Chris Stevenson – 250-528-6346

It must be noted that, at our next AGM, we will be in need of a new President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Brian Grey is continuing on as our Researcher.

Other highlights of our recent Board meeting:
          We now have Director’s Liability Insurance, as well as event insurance to cover the society during our picnic, luncheon etc.
          We currently have 50 paid members and 2 honorary members. For any who aren’t aware, our honorary members are Alice Glanville and Dorothy Zoellner.
          We expect to have a table at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre during Christina Lake Homecoming Weekend. We’ll be selling reports and memberships as well as answering questions.
          We are collecting articles for our 16th report. If anyone has an article they would like us to consider, they can drop it off at the Archives, in the basement of Grand Forks City Hall or through any member of the Board. We have put together a Publishing Committee, currently consisting of: Sue Adrain, Peter Kootchin, Peter Koftinoff, Chris Stevenson, Al Donnelly & Les Johnson. The Committee is also working on a coffee table type book of post cards.

          Les is recording (with permission from the speakers) the Living Books presentations at Gallery 2 and we’re exploring the idea of creating and selling DVDs of those recordings. The Board is also looking into making post cards for selling and the making and selling of mugs etc. with historic photos, through Value Drug Mart.

          There was discussion around book distribution, including how prices were decided on, where books are sold and where our stock and archive copies are kept. We are looking into donating sets of reports to local high school history classes and ensuring that all local public libraries have as complete a collection as possible.

          The Board has begun early discussions on this year’s picnic and are also looking into participating with Greenwood and Area E of the RDKB in their project of utilizing ground penetrating radar at various gravesites and then building a database of them.

A very productive 2 ½ hour meeting!

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for early April, so the next newsletter should be posted online, and an email notification sent to our members, 2 – 3 weeks later.

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